There are many opportunities for anyone to participate in the Impact Kidz Ministry program. Click any of the links below to begin the journey impacting your community.

Volunteer - Volunteers are just as vital as sponsorships to Impact Kidz Ministry.  Every week there are tasks that are preformed to provide the children with their food.  You can participate by helping with food sack assembly, assisting with delivery of food to schools, or passing out food at the school.

Individual Sponsorship - Make an Impact by sponsoring a child.  By donating $150 you can sponsor a child for the entire school year .  These sponsorships can be a one-time gift of $150 or $5 a week.  We can accept credit/debit cards through our online giving page. The money that you donate will support the children in your community.

Church/Organization Partnership - Impact Kidz Ministry strive to make an impact on as many children as possible.  This is done by churches and organizations partnering with Impact Kidz Ministry and each other to adopt a local schools in their community.  We would love to partner with your church or organization to make an impact by feeding children in your community.

Corporate Sponsorship - Corporate Sponsorships play a vital role with Impact Kidz Ministry.  These sponsorships allow a more significant impact at a much faster rate.  Companies can impact their community by making a one-time donation, a recurring donation, and offering the program to their employees through payroll deduction.  To make a bigger impact companies can offer a 1 to 1 match sponsorship with employees.  If an employee sponsors 2 children the company will match by sponsoring 2 children.

Schools - If your school would like to become part of the Impact Kidz Ministry program, contact us.  We would love to partner you with churches or organizations in your community to make an impact in your community.